Zeroconvo is a ir convolver plugin made by Robin Gareus, that also develops many of the plugins currently running on Mod Duo or Aida DSP OS.

Some users of Ardour or Ubuntu Studio may argue that an excellent open source ir convolution plugin, ir.lv2 already exists, so why wasting time using zeroconvo?

The answer is zeroconvo works in headless devices* like Mod Duo or Aida DSP OS.

The problem

On Aida DSP OS and in the Mod-Duo the graphic part is separated from the plugin source code and builds a web interface by reading .ttl files* in the directory where also the binary is contained.

Since a file explorer functionality is not present in current mod-ui*, the user can select an ir file only if it’s already listed in a ttl preset file.

What are ttl files?

They are human readable text files that are used to describe a plugin or a preset for a particular plugin. Please see Wikipedia

Auto generating ttl preset file from impulse response files

Imagine that you have a huge collection of ir impulse response files in a folder and you want to be able to use them on Mod Duo or Aida DSP OS.

Something like this:

├── cabs
│   ├── bass
│   └── guitar
│       ├── CelestionSidewinder
│       ├── Fender68VibroluxReverb
│       ├── FenderBassman
│       ├── FenderSuperChamp
│       ├── G12h
│       ├── LeonTodd
│       ├── MarshallJCM2000
│       ├── MarshallPlexi
│       ├── MatchlessChieftain
│       ├── MesaStudio22
│       ├── Randall
│       └── Vintage30
├── others
└── reverbs

inside a single directory, you have multiple ir files depending for example on the mic type and positions

├── MesaStudio22
│   ├── Mesa_Boogie_Studio_22_4050_Off_ax_48s.wav
│   ├── Mesa_Boogie_Studio_22_4050_on_ax_48s.wav
│   ├── Mesa_Boogie_Studio_22_441_Edge_48s.wav
│   └── Mesa_Boogie_Studio_22_441_On_48s.wav

Bash scripting is your friend

I made a script to scan all the files in the directory and generate automatically a valid ttl preset file for Zeroconvo plugin.

You can download the script from Aida DSP OS Share under Zeroconvo directory.

I’ve tested it on a Pc running Ubuntu. In order to run it you need to install also ffmpeg since I use it to generate file’s info that I write in the preset descriptions.

In order for the script to work, you need to use a similar directory tree like the one suggested. This is because cab impulse responses are treated in a different way than reverb impulse responses, and there is no way to distinguish them apart putting them in separate folders with a predefined name.

To run the script, copy it to the folder where you have the sudden directory structure with all you ir files, then simply execute it with

chmod +x create_presets_ttl_ir

Copy everything to the device

The script generates two files, a manifest.ttl and a presets.ttl that you need to copy to your plugin folder zeroconvo.lv2. Along with this you need to copy the ir files in the same path. The final result is something like this:

├── ir
│   ├── cabs
│   ├── others
│   └── reverbs
├── manifest.ttl
├── presets.ttl
└── zeroconvolv.ttl

on Aida DSP OS you can copy your ir folder with all your ir files and the presets.ttl and manifest.ttl under the already exysting zeroconvo.lv2 directory. To do this you can use the usb mass storage mode, please see online user manual.

On the Mod Duo you should be able to copy files with scp command, although I can’t really test it at the moment. Any feedback from Mod Duo users appreciated.

Want more?

You need assistance? Write me a message on my Facebook page

If you want to read more about developing lv2 plugins, you may interested in my how-to

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  1. “Headless” are devices where the x11 support (like in normal desktop machines) is missing
  2. The web interface running on Mod Duo and Aida DSP OS

The version of Zeroconvo used with my tests is 507d7dd4b52b755b860d19694e4f84e247a7969a

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