Here at Aida DSP we are both musicians and engineers. We like to invent new things as much as learning to play a new instrument.

We started in 2015 with Aida DSP Arduino Shield. We developed an Arduino library to control Sigma DSP from Analog Devices and we released it as open source. We manufactured and shipped our first boards. That was a magic moment for us, but soon we started to face many difficulties.

In 2016 the original team splitted up. This inevitably reflected in delays in all the project’s areas.

In 2017 we started to develop the idea behind Aida DSP Stompbox, in collaboration with ROCK LAB

In 2018 the first prototype of Aida DSP OS was presented at Torino Mini Maker Faire, where it captured the attention of the public. This new technology, greatly based on open source software, was like new life for us and its potential refreshed our motivation.

Today we want to grow up as a startup by actively searching new exciting possibilities and further focusing our competencies in digital audio and real-time embedded systems.

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