Aida DSP Stompbox

Using the same DSP in Aida DSP Arduino Shield, Aida DSP Stompbox claims to be ones of the few fully programmable stompboxes around the world.

Fully customizable

Are you an owner of a recording studio, an audio professional or just an audio enthusiast? With Aida DSP Stompbox we offer a product that can be customized upon request not only on the audio algorithm part, but also on a graphic level, including your logo, your custom name for your new pedal and more!

Aida DSP Stompbox

Turn your audio expertise into a finalized product

  • Are there some equalization schemes that you use often in your studio? Together we can render them inside a pedal and you will forget about opening the Pc or installing your software to someone’else DAW.
  • Do you like the sound of some compressor presets that you use with your favourite plugin on your DAW? Together we can put them into a pedal, this will ease your job both while recording bands or during production, since the effect will be exactly in the position where it should be from the beginning
  • Are you a producer? It’s easier to convince a musician to play through a stompbox since they can be used together with their own instrumentation and they already know how to deal with it. But a the same time helps you in keeping that particular sound idea that you have in mind without using a lot of plugins on your DAW later.

Endless options and combinations

  • Hammond Box die cast aluminium case, CNC machine drilled
  • Flexible user interface: 2 knobs + 3-way switch or 4 knobs version
  • Dual color 3mm led
  • True bypass switch
  • Anodized aluminium plate with laser printed graphics
  • 9-12V supply center positive
  • Neutrik in/out jacks with chrome ferrule nut
  • Huge library with standard audio algorithms

Solid and durable

We did a huge research among our suppliers to carefully select the components and we made a lot of prototypes before arriving at the current one. One example? We completely redesigned the electronics to use metallic premium quality knobs screwed onto the case to allow for a road-ready, high quality product


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